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Welcome To Procurement

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Carlow County Council is committed to the compliant procurement of goods, services and works, in line with best procurement practices, to achieve value for money outcomes for its citizens, that are strategically align to the business needs of the organisation”

Public Procurement can be defined as the acquisition, whether under formal contract or not, of works, goods, and services by public bodies. It ranges from the purchase of routine goods or services to formal tendering and placing of contracts for large infrastructural projects. Carlow County Council is bound by EU Directives, National Legislation and Government Policy in its procurement function.

Carlow County Council’s Corporate Procurement Plan 2020 – 2022 sets out the strategic, organisational and operational objectives, which are necessary to achieving a compliant and value-for-money approach to procurement. The Plan contains a series of actions which will be implemented over its lifetime in areas such as procurement governance, processes, planning, monitoring and stakeholder management.

The key objectives for the duration of the plan are:

Obtaining Value for Money- one of the fundamental objectives of Carlow County Council’s procurement plan is to strive to achieve value for money at every opportunity.

Ensuring Compliance – this objective is to ensure that all procurement carried out by the Authority will be in accordance with Local, National and EU Procurement Directives, Guidelines, Policies and Procedures.

Strengthen the Procurement Function & Reinforce Governance – this essential objective aims to build the organisational capacity to strategically manage procurement and reinforce governance.

Encourage Business Engagement – the Authority will strive to encourage business engagement and, in particular, assist with developing access for Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to its public procurement competitions.

Promote the use of Environmental, Social Consideration & Sustainability – Carlow County Council will encourage the use of criteria, where possible, that promotes sustainable procurement through the inclusion of environmental and social criteria.

Maximise Contract Performance – this objective will ensure that contract performance is regularly checked and ensures that information is gathered that will inform future competitions.

Internal & External Communications – the procurement unit will endeavor to improve internal and external communication for procurement.