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Ballot paper templates will be available to vision impaired voters at the 2019 Local Elections. A ballot paper template is a transparent plastic device that is placed on top of a ballot paper and has a number of features to facilitate the marking of a ballot paper in secret by a vision impaired voter. Raised numbering and braille on the template will guide you to the relevant openings that corresponds to the candidates on the ballot paper.

Carlow County Council has set up a free phone facility for use in connection with the Local Elections 2019.

By contacting this free phone number, you can listen to the candidates for each of the Local Electoral Areas in Laois in the order in which they will appear on the ballot paper.

The Local Electoral Areas are: Carlow, Tullow and Muinebheag.

If you are a vision impaired voter wishing to vote in secret at the forthcoming Local Elections, you can ask the Presiding Officer at your polling station to attach a Ballot Paper Template to your ballot paper.

The free phone number to contact is 1800928983