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Carlow County Council Library & Archives Service want to record your COVID-19 experience for future generations.

Carlow County Council Library Service have today (May 29th) released details of how they hope to capture the living history of the COVID-19 period in the county using a COVID Time Capsule form. Children, young people and adults are asked to fill out the form and return it to the County Library and Archives Service where it will be stored in archival boxes and under the correct preservation conditions for the next 25 years.

County Librarian, John Shortall says “We are living through extraordinary and challenging times at the moment and it is vital that the thoughts, feelings and experiences of the people and children of County Carlow are captured and preserved for future generations to come.” He continues “The forms will be stored in the County Archive and will provide a snapshot of the history we are currently experiencing. Once opened in 25 years, many of the children and young people who participate will have children of their own and reviewing the Time Capsule documentation is an exciting prospect we can all look forward to.”
The forms are based on a template from Long Creations and the Library Service ask for details such as photographs, special memories, how you passed the time and things to remember to be recorded. All submissions will be safely and confidentially archived for 25 years. All material will be quarantined after receipt as per public health guidelines.
The Time Capsule forms, one for children and one for adults and young people are available for download at www.carlowlibraries.ie or www.carlow.ie . If you would like a form posted to you, email [email protected] or phone 059 912 9705. They also form part of the Age Friendly packs being distributed by Carlow Age Friendly Network and are included in each Bag of Books delivered by the Library Service in partnership with the Carlow Community Call Service and Carlow Volunteer Centre.