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Public Drinking Water Quality

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Carlow County Council is providing up to date information concerning the drinking water supplies in Carlow. The spreadsheet of results will be updated on a monthly basis into the future. Carlow’s water supplies are maintained to ensure they comply with drinking water standards and therefore The Council carry out an ongoing representative sampling programme throughout the year.

The most recent Environmental Protection Agency ( EPA ) report The Provision and Quality of Drinking Water in Ireland – A Report for the Year 2010 shows the following levels of compliance with Micro, Chemical and Indicator parameters:

Public Water Compliance Levels

Supply Type
Public water supplies

Compliance with the chemical standards in public water supplies was excellent ( 99.4% ). There was no exceedences in microbiological parameters in Carlows Drinking Water Supplies Schemes in 2010.

Public Drinking Water Quality Results

This linked spreadsheet contains the results for Carlow Water Service Authority drinking water schemes across the county for samples taken up to 2014. The results provide detailed data on parametric values tested in accordance with check and audit type monitoring. This information is provided in accordance with the latest Drinking Water Regulations 2007.

Meaning of Parameters

Carlow County Council provides results for all tests carried out on the parameters outlined in the Drinking Water Regulations 2007. In order to inform people of the meaning and relevance of each of these parameters and provide answers to queries that may arise please consult the guide.

Public Drinking Water Monitoring

Drinking water quality in County Carlow is monitored via a series of Checks by Carlow County Council on each Water Supply Scheme and a series of Audits by the EPA on each Water Supply Scheme in the County. This monitoring is done in line with the Drinking Water Regulations 2007.