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If you are looking for an Application form or Council Document you will find them in the All Publications section of this website or alternatively if you are looking for a Planning document or Applications form you can find them in Planning Documents & Forms section of this website.

The Planning System

The planning system plays a key role in facilitating delivery of infrastructure programmes and in addressing housing supply requirements. Ireland is also one of few European countries that has an independent third party planning appeals system. It is operated by An Bord Pleanala ( Planning Appeals Board ). The Planning Department of Carlow Local Authorities deals with the planning for the entire county, which since January 2007 now includes the Carlow Town Council administrative areas. However for operational and functional reasons there are seperate forms and notices for both County Council and Town Council areas.

The Department is divided into three main sections. These are Forward Planning, Control of Development and Enforcement.

  1. The Forward Planning section deals with the production of the planning policy documents for Carlow. The two main ones are the Carlow County Development Plan and the Carlow Town Development Plan. There is however a number of Local Area Plans produced also. These set down the local policies for an individual town, village or settlement. Copies of all these documents are available at a small fee from the Planning Counter within the Carlow County Council Offices and also available for free download on this website. Please note however that the development plans and local area plans are always subject to variations by the elected members and therefore it is advisable to check back regularly for updated plans.
  2. The Control of Development section deals mainly with the processing of planning applications. This process starts with the validation of the application right up to the issuing of the final grant. This would be the busiest and therefore largest section within the Planning Department.
  3. The Enforcement section of the planning department deals with complaints regarding alleged Unauthorised Developments ( UD’s ). These UD’s can range from developments without any planning permission granted to non-compliance with planning conditions on a granted development. This section has the power to take individuals to court should it deem it necessary to ensure the proper planning and development of an area.