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Carlow Youth Theatre

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County Carlow Youth Theatre

County Carlow Youth Theatre (CCYT) is an initiative of Carlow Local Authorities Arts Office. CCYT offers members training in drama and theatre skills through a creative and dynamic workshop programme. It is open to all aged 11 to 18 yrs. Each group does one performance a year. CCYT is a member of Youth Theatre Ireland, the national support organisation for youth theatres in Ireland. This provides additional opportunities for members to take part in events where they can meet other members of youth theatres from around the country.
If you are interested or know someone who might be interested in joining County Carlow Youth Theatre please contact:
Anna at [email protected]

CCYT has two youth theatre groups:

  1. Senior (SYT) for those in 2nd year or up or 14 yrs. + in the coming September
  2. Junior (JYT) for those in 5th class – 1st year or 11 yrs. in the coming September

Both groups run concurrent with the school year.

CCYT takes on new members each September. The closing date each year for an expression of interest is the 31st of August. Those interested can contact Anna at [email protected]

Open workshops are held in the first full week of September. The open workshop will give young people the opportunity to see how we work and to ask any questions they may have about the youth theatre.
CCYT tries to make room for everyone who is interested but in the event that this is not possible due to resources and numbers, new members are selected keeping the gender, geographical and age breakdown of the current group in mind and the applicant’s reason for joining, and their participation in the open workshop. CCYT is an inclusive and will endeavour to cater for any young person interested.

Senior Youth Theatre

SYT runs on Monday from 6.30 – 8.30pm. A performance takes place around Easter. There is an additional time commitment expected for rehearsals, however consideration is given to other commitments e.g. exams, school etc.

Youth Theatre

JYT runs on Monday from 4.30 – 6pm. The year finishes with a performance/showcase for parents and friends, in May/June. There is no or minimal additional time commitment expected.
The annual membership fee for CCYT is €120. This includes a registration fee of €40 to secure a place. There is flexibility to how the balance of €80 is paid. There is a discount of €20 per sibling. No young person is excluded on financial grounds. Contact Anna in confidence at [email protected]

About CCYT

Since its foundation in 2000 by the Arts Office of Carlow County Council, County Carlow Youth Theatre has empowered hundreds of young people through its commitment to youth centred drama practice, where the personal, social and artistic development of the young person is central to its activities. There is no previous experience or a wish to have a career in theatre required.
The youth theatre is managed and funded by the Arts Office and the Arts Council of Ireland. The long-term investment by the Arts Office and Youth Theatre Leaders has ensured that young people got to discover the joy of theatre making in their formative early life no matter what their background, gender or previous experience. The reward is exciting and captivating theatre for, by and with young people
Since 2015, CYT is housed in Visual, who support it with office accommodation and access to workshop space in the George Bernard Shaw Theatre.

Benefits of Youth Theatre

Drama for young people is widely recognised as a practical way of engaging young people in a creative environment. Taking part in youth drama is seen as a great confidence booster and a positive form of social outlet and self-expression. Drama is renowned for improving social and personal skills as well as providing a safe environment in which young people can express themselves without the fear of repercussions or difficulties of peer pressure. This potential and undoubted benefit of drama for young people is recognised in Carlow through County Carlow Youth Theatre.

Our Current Youth Theatre Leader

Anna Galligan has just thirty-five years’ experience in youth theatre, starting as a member of a youth theatre herself. Over her career she has worked as a professional actress, an arts, dance, theatre and training programme facilitator. She has acted as a arts programme consultant in a variety of settings including youth theatre, mental health services, education and law.
Anna worked at Youth Theatre Ireland for ten years where she created ArtsTrain, a full-time drama facilitation programme which became Ireland’s first full time accredited course in drama facilitation and introduced the programmes ‘Leading On…’, an annual training programme for youth theatre leaders and ‘The Young Critic’s Programme’ as well as developing various supports of best practice and policy in youth theatre. She worked with Barnstorm Theatre Company as their Director of Education and Participation. As part of her work there she was administrator, facilitator and artistic director of Kilkenny Youth Theatre for thirteen years.

Member Quotes

  1. “You get the opportunity to do different things and meet different people”
  2. “It is great fun and a great experience”
  3. “You learn loads of different skills – stage skills and you learn how to interact with people better”
  4. “You get to meet new people, interested in the same things as you”

If you are interested or know someone who might be interested in joining County Carlow Youth Theatre please contact:
[email protected]

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