Carlow Youth Theatre

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County Carlow Youth Theatre is an exciting, vibrant and dynamic group which offers creative drama workshops to people aged from 12 to 20 years. County Carlow Youth Theatre is a Carlow Local Authorities Arts Office initiative.


Age Group
Monday night
GB Shaw Theatre
5pm – 7pm
12 – 14
Monday night
GB Shaw Theatre
7:30pm – 9:30pm
15 – 20
Thursday night
Teach Bride, Tullow
7pm – 9pm
13 – 18

Every week members of County Carlow Youth Theatre meet and take part in fun, practical workshops that explore the different mediums of theatre covering many different areas of theatre production such as:

  1. Acting and improvisation
  2. Movement and physical theatre
  3. Rehearsals
  4. Directing
  5. Writing
  6. Team-work and confidence

Established in 2001 County Carlow Youth Theatre continues to flourish as the years roll by. This year will see over fifty young people from around the County take part in the Youth Theatre programme. This is your chance to get involved in this ever growing youth drama movement. County Carlow Youth Theatre creates theatre that is exciting, fun and accessible to all.

County Carlow Youth Theatre is a countywide initiative, available to all young people across the County of Carlow. There are three different groups around the County all participating in drama through County Carlow Youth


Drama for young people is widely recognised as a practical way of engaging young people in a creative environment. Taking part in youth drama is seen as a great confidence booster and a positive form of social outlet and self expression. Drama is renowned for improving social and personal skills as well as providing a safe environment in which young people can express themselves without the fear of repercussions or difficulties of peer pressure. This potential and undoubted benefit of drama for young people is recognised in Carlow through County Carlow Youth Theatre.

Member Quotes

  1. “You get the opportunity to do different things and meet different people”
  2. “It is great fun and a great experience”
  3. “We go on trips away, which are amazing”
  4. “You learn loads of different skills – stage skills and you learn how to interact with people better”
  5. “You get to meet new people, interested in the same things as you”
  6. “It is a brilliant experience to make up your own play”

County Carlow Youth Theatre is always open for new members. If you are interested or know someone who might be interested in joining any of County Carlow Youth Theatre groups please contact:

Carlow Arts Office,
Carlow County Council,
Phone: 059-9136204 or Email: ascu[email protected]