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Welcome to Arts Services

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The Distinct role and responsibility of the Carlow County Council Arts Service:

  1. Develop and implementation of Local Arts Development Plan
  2. Management of Arts Programme
  3. Support to Independent Arts Organisations
  4. Support to Artists and Communities

The Arts Service provides a range of support services to artists and groups, including bursaries, residencies, courses, networking opportunities, mentorship and advice.The Arts Service values our artists, art workers, local communities and the enormous amount of spontaneous voluntary creativity that exists throughout the county.

Our Ethos

The Arts are truly transformative, empowering, enabling and encourage people to come together. The arts help build and shape communities and contribute significantly to the well-being, potential and quality of life.

  1. Our purpose is: Local Arts development in County Carlow
  2. Our vision is: A valued and trusted local government service that champions and nurtures local arts development
  3. Our values are: Quality, Transparency, Access, Collaboration