Septic Tank Issues

Some concern has been raised in recent days regarding septic tanks. The EPA has issued the following advice that you may wish to publish on website etc.

Septic Tanks – what to do after flooding

1. Due to the potential for toxic gases in all septic systems, any servicing, cleaning, repairs, internal damage assessments and emptying/ pumping must be carried out by trained and experienced specialists.
2. After the flooding subsides, replace any dislodged manhole covers and check the system for any external signs of damage such as settlement, ponding of waste water, overflowing, blocked drains or not accepting water from the house.
3. If you suspect damage, or if your system relies on electrical components such as pumps, have the entire system assessed by a professional service engineer.
4. Ensure that any nearby private wells are checked and disinfected prior to use by following the EPA advice (available on for private well owners on what to do after flooding.,58775,en.html#.VoZLec8rHcs

As always, do not enter flood waters as manholes may have been dislodged and the flood water will be contaminated and may pose a risk to health.