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Carlow County Council

Carlow County Council are committed to the provision of high quality relevant services in an open and responsive manner.
Phone: 059 9170300

Roads Network

The road network in County Carlow consists of:

  1. Motorway ( 24km )
  2. National Roads ( 54km )
  3. Regional Roads ( 187km )
  4. Local Roads ( 949km )

A total of 74 people are employed in the Roads Department, including 5 in Head Office, 11 in the four Area Offices and 58 outdoor staff.

Roads Legislation

The work of the Houses of the Oireachtas is to make laws, called Acts of the Oireachtas. The Road Traffic Act 2004 is a law for the regulation of road traffic and the use of vehicles and the user of roads and the operation of bus interchanges and other purposes.

Roads Funding

The maintenance and improvement of Non-National Roads ( Regional Roads and Local Roads ) is funded through a combination of:

  1. Exchequer funding in the form of Restoration and Discretionary Grants
  2. EU grants in the form of the Specific Improvement Grant
  3. Own resources

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