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Public Participation Network

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The Public Participation Network (PPN) is a new framework for public engagement and participation which was established in County Carlow in early October 2014. It will be the main link through which Carlow County Council will connect with community/voluntary, social inclusion and environmental sectors. In Section 46 of the Local Government Reform Act 2014 a principal provision is that each Local Authority adopts a framework for public participation in local government. This was as a result of recommendations that came from the Working Group on Citizen Engagement, set up in September 2013 and chaired by Fr. Sean Healy.

The aim of these structures is to facilitate and enable public organisations operating within the wider community to articulate and give voice to a diverse range of views, issues and interests within the local government system.

The role of the PPN will be to:

  1. To identify issues of collective concern and work to influence policy locally
  2. To actively support socially excluded groups
  3. To encourage and enable public participation in local decision making and planning of services
  4. To serve as the nominating structure for community interests (Social Inclusion, Community/Voluntary and Environmental) on Local Government committee structures including LCDC

The Structure of the PPN will have:

  1. A County Plenary at County level which deals with County level issues The plenary will bring together all the PPN groups to give feedback, highlight issues and present the results of their work.
  2. A Municipal District Plenaryin each Municipal District (MD) which deals with issues at a municipal level
  3. Linkage Groups will form to deal with specific issues and support nominees in their role; they will form part of the accountability and feedback mechanism for the community ( task groups)
  4. A secretariat at County level that acts a facilitation, administration and communication mechanism

Community groups and organisations register under three different pillars of Community/Voluntary, Social Inclusion and Environmental.

Why Your Group Should Join

  1. Network , share information, learn from other community and voluntary groups in your area or sector
  2. Create a sense of solidarity and collative action across the county
  3. Elect representatives to policy making boards and committees.
  4. Avail of free or low cost support and training in the county

Carlow Secretariat Members

  • Carlow Municipal Area – Mary Doyle
  • Muinebheag Municipal Area – Paddy Gardiner
  • Environmental – Eamonn Moore and Alan Price
  • Social Inclusion – Joanne Donohoe and Oscar Traynor
  • Community and Voluntary – Thomas Kelly and Regina Duane

Strategic Policy Committees Representatives

  • Community, Housing and Amenity
    Community – Lorraine Hynes
    Housing – Andrea Dalton
    Amenity – Thomas Kelly
  • Transport, Environment and Infrastructure
    Transport – Mary Doyle
    Environment – Eamonn Moore
    Infrastructure – To be filled at a later date
  • Economic Development, Enterprise Support and Planning
    Economic Development – Paul Maher
    Enterprise Support – Cornelia McCarthy
    Planning – Alan Price
  • Cultural, Health and Agricultural
    Cultural – Orla Ryan
    Health – Eileen Doyle
    Agricultural – To be filled at a later date

Contact Details of the Carlow PPN – carlowppn@gmail.com